1. Bring together postal operators in charge of the Universal Service in the subregion
  2. Safeguard and improve the quality of postal services subregional and international as well as the safety of postal items
  3. Ensure, maintain and enhance cooperation among members for rationalization and improvement of postal services through their mutual relations and relations with other Posts
  4. Share experiences on organizational, operational and regulatory problems
  5. Establish where necessary a single regulation freely accepted by all and each member shall be committed to apply
  6. Value regional expertise through exchange of the Staff if necessary in different areas of specialty
  7. Enable consultations among the Posts before any technical Conference or other organization dealing with issues of interest for members
  8. Promote collaborative training of senior staff from member countries
  9. Promote within postal activities, the development and use of new information and Communications Technology
  10. Develop Community development projects and source for funds to implement them
  11. Promoting financial inclusion of the poorest populations of the region in order to contribute to poverty alleviation and Develop a new postal economic model