The Government of each member country shall be represented in the Conference by a delegation led by the Minister in charge of Posts or by a postal authority or by any other official designated by such member country.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be the Minister in charge of Posts in the member country hosting the meeting of the Conference.

The tenure shall be for a period of TWO years or between Conferences which ever is earlier.

The functions of the Ministerial Conference shall be the following :

  1. Revise WAPCO Convention if necessary
  2. Determine the general policy to be implemented by the Conference to achieve the assigned objectives
  3. Consider and approve the Programme of actions and accounts of the Conference and set the ceiling of annual budgets for the Two-year cycle
  4. Determine the scale of assessment of members contributions
  5. Establish such subordinate organs as it may deem necessary for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Conference and prescribe to such bodies, rules for the conduct of their activities
  6. Approve the financial and administrative regulations and any other provisions governing the activities of the Conference
  7. Approve provisional agreements concluded between the Conference and other African and international organizations and other countries
  8. Consider the reports of activities of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Secretary submitted to the Conference through the Board of Directors
  9. Elect the members of the Board of Directors