1. Headquarters agreement monitoring committee meeting - 26th April 2022 (Venue: Virtually)
  2. Extraordinary Council of Administration
    (For 2021-2024 Budget adoption) - 25th May 2022 (Venue: Virtually)
  3. Extraordinary Council of Ministers (budget approval) - 27th May 2022 (Venue: Virtually)
  4. African Postal Forum - 28th May 2022 (Venue: Marrakech)
  5. WAPCO projects review Workshop in collaboration with UPU (ECOM@FRICA, land mail route Lagos/Abidjan, Mobil money integrated system)
    Quality of service and security of postal items, development factors of the trans-border trade from the e-commerce. - 27th June - 1st July 2022  (Venue: Niamey)
  6. Workshop on the assessment of the Directive on postal reform and regulation and implementation of the master plan of postal services (ad hoc Committee Mali)
    Followed by a forum on postal sector regulation ; the concept of universal postal service and harmonization of postal regulation in ECOWAS region in the age of digitalization - 5th September 2022 (Venue: Dakar)
  7. Postal leaders training workshop (Dg DO-REG-MINT) on the development of digital transformation strategy for ECOWAS Posts.
    Establishment of the ECOWAS Designated Operators Alliance - 14th November 2022 (Venue: To be Determined)
  8. UPU regional project for operational efficiency and e-commerce development (ORE 3) –

    First start-up project workshop for the Africa region in Abuja 13 to 15 December 2022 (Venue: Abuja - Nigeria)

    Download Start up project workshop for the Africa region in Abuja, Nigeria