Among achievements, include solidarity woven around this new organisation, we can mention the followings:

  1. Organisation of Strategic conference of UPU granted to Côte D’Ivoire with a total and sustained support of all countries of the sub region
  2. Election of a nigerian officer therefore from the subregion as Assistant to the Secretary General of PAPU
  3. Election of Côte d’Ivoire Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors of UPU
  4. Election of Burkina Faso, Benin to Council of Postal exploitation of UPU.
  5. Election of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana to the Board of Directors of UPU
  6. Election of 6 countries of Sub- Region to PAPU Board of Directors
  7. Registration of 4 countries of our zone over 10 to electrification and connectivity project
  8. Funding by France, Swizerland and Belgium of a training of 40 officers of the subregion at Grand Bassam
  9. Organization by UPU, financially and materially support by NIGERIA of a training on service of quality for english speaking countries of the subregion
  10. Next organization of a training on EMS in Ghana
  11. Next organization of a training on Philately in Cote d’Ivoire with the support of UPU and France
  12. The first Board meeting took place in Abidjan on 22nd November 2013

WAPCO members